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Best Ice Skates to Buy 2019


  1. Best Ice Skates for Beginners
  2. Best Ice Skates for kids
  3. Most Fashionable Ice Skates


Best Ice Skates for Beginners

American Tricot Figure Skate

The best ice skates for beginners in 2019 is the American Tricot Figure Skate. These have been the leading recreational ice skate for beginners for the past four years in a row, according to Amazon, Dicks Sporting Goods, Walmart, Target, and many more. There are several reasons behind this. The first reason is clearly the price. These figure skates go for around $33.33 on You can find them on the American site for a little higher price but you receive free shipping and more flexible returns.
Sure, there are a few other skates out there for similar pricing, so what makes this skate best rated four years running?
Comfort and stability in this boot is the highest quality you will find in this price range. The inner liner is a tricot material with soft padding which is extremely comfortable first time you use it. These skates are made for no break-in period. The side walls around the ankle area are stiffer than others which will help you stand up straight and keep you more well balanced.
All skates in this price range are made for recreational use only. These are for people skating a few times a year, not for training or skill competitions. If you are looking for an affordable skate that fits these need refer to our article ‘Best Ice Skates Under $100 for Competition’.


Best Ice Skates for Kids

American Flower Power double runner ice skateAmerican Chillin double runner ice skate

The best ice skates in 2019 for kids is the American Party Girl Double Runner and the American Chillin’ Boys Double Runner Ice Skates. These feature double blades to help balance the child while getting acclimated to the ice. In addition, we have found that these skates are perfect for adults with multiple kids on the ice, as it is very difficult to hold both of them up while also attempting to balance oneself. These are a great option to keep your hands free and your kids upright and happy. We have designed these with fashionable designs rather than the same old boring looks that your grandparents used to make you wear.


Most Fashionable Ice Skate

American pom pom ice skate

The most fashionable ice skate in 2019 is the American Pom Pom Figure Skate. Pom Poms are EVERYWHERE these days! Stocking caps, key chains, sneakers, belts, purses, basically every cute winter accessory you can think of entails pom poms…so why wouldn’t you have pom poms on your skates?! American Athletic answered that question with the release of the most fashionable sneaker-like designer figure boot with removable pom poms. These skates can be worn with anything and you will still be the most stylish on the ice.
Find out more about all of our ice skates by checking out their respective profiles at our figure skate product page and hockey product page. To stay up to date with the most recent developments American Athletic Co. is making, be sure to connect with us on InstagramFacebook, Twitter, and Pintrest!
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