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What To Look For When Buying Rental Skates

Owning or operating an ice rink means you handle a lot of responsibilities. One of those is often choosing the rental skates to offer your customers. While this may seem like a simple task, there are a number of factors to consider when purchasing rental skates. In fact, the skates you need will vary greatly depending on the type of skaters who frequent your rink, the kind of rink you operate, etc.

This guide will help you make a more educated decision when choosing the best rental skates, so you can maximize the popularity of your rink and, ultimately, boost profit.

Your Customers

Your customers are the ones spending money to rent your skates, so it’s essential to understand their interests before making any purchases. Consider whether your customers are beginners, intermediate-level skaters or experts. Similarly, are they primarily interested in figure skating, ice hockey, recreational skating or dabbling in a few types?

It’s also important to notice if a majority of your renters are adults, children, men, women, boys, girls or an even mixture. For example, if you find that you’re mostly renting skates to kids, you’ll want to stock smaller sizes and products that are more suitable for young skaters.

Your Rink

The kind of rink you operate can help determine which types of rental skates you’ll need to offer. A recreational outdoor rink frequented by casual skaters will necessitate more recreational skates than intermediate to advanced ice skates. Recreational skates are designed to be easily taken on and off and are not meant for advanced jumps, spins and maneuvers.

Similarly, if you’re operating a competitive indoor rink used mostly by advanced skaters, you’ll have to stock skates that are designed to handle complicated turns and maneuvers. If your rink is primarily intended for hockey practice and games, you’ll likely benefit from stocking more hockey skates than recreational and figure skates.

Most Importantly, Consider Quality

Rental skates are not something you want to purchase every season. Buying a high-quality product can save you a lot of headaches and money over time. A well-constructed rental skate should be easy to maintain and durable enough to be rented year after year. Look for features such as antibacterial lining, water repellency, double stitching and double gluing to better ensure the rental skates you purchase are built to last.

Choose American Athletic Shoe Co.

At American Athletic Shoe Co., our skates are found at the best rinks around the globe. It is our passion to provide the best, most durable rental skates to rink owners and operators. We offer all types of rental skates for sale — from classic recreational skates to high-end figure and hockey skates and everything in between.

As a rental ice skates wholesale dealer, we know the importance of an antibacterial chrome leather lining, stainless steel blades, strong metal speed hooks, and all of the features that combine to create a rental skate that’s ready to endure season after season of use. Our rental skates come stamped with the size of the skate and the term “Rental” on the heel for fast and easy identification.

Shop our selection of wholesale rental skates online or call (413) 967-3511 for our expert help in choosing the most ideal rental skates for your rink.

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