Figure Skates

Figure Skates

Figure skating doesn’t require a lot of equipment. Ice skates are the most important item you’ll need to purchase to begin figure skating — the quality and stiffness can vary greatly depending on your skill level, aspirations and a number of other factors.

At American Athletic Shoe Co., our figure skate collection includes a variety of the highest quality and most attractive skates on the market. Whether you’re skating for the first time or are being cheered on in competition, American Athletic Shoe Co. is driven to provide the perfect figure skates for your needs.

Skates for Every Interest

Skaters often have different intentions when taking to the ice. Novice figure skaters are generally looking for affordable yet high-quality figure skates that will start them on the right track, while more advanced skaters are looking for more stiffness and support for difficult maneuvers.

At American Athletic Shoe Co., we offer the highest-quality figure skates for beginners to advanced skaters of all ages. Young girls and boys have a variety of skates from which to choose, including adjustable hard-shell skates, soft boots, leather-lined skates, tricot-lined skates and double-runner figure skates for kids. Whether your little one is a complete beginner or a competitive skater, we have the perfect skate for him or her.

Similarly, we offer an extensive selection of skates for adults, ranging from traditional women’s figure skates and men’s tricot-lined skates to the Women’s American Soft Boot Cheetah Figure Skate and the American Pom Pom Figure Skate. Skaters simply wanting an affordable yet high-quality traditional skate and those looking to make a statement can find what they’re seeking at American Athletic Shoe Co.

The American Athletic Shoe Co. Difference

A quality figure skate can be the difference between advancing your abilities and reaching a plateau. Top-quality skates are more durable and made with craftsmanship that allows you to outperform the competition. They can endure season after season if cared for properly.

At American Athletic Shoe Co., our skates are top-quality, providing the support and durability you and your little ones need to perform well and stay safe on the ice. It’s important to note that traditional recreational skates do not offer the support needed to figure skate at a more advanced or serious level. While the extremely low prices offered for some recreational skates may be appealing, it’s essential to choose skates that are the correct size and stiffness for your goals.

Let Us Help

Choosing the best figure skates can be intimidating. At American Athletic Shoe Co., we offer figure skates for sale in all sizes, ranging from kids skates as small as a size 8J to adult size 13. We’re experts in helping customers find the ideal pair of skates for their abilities and goals. Fill out our contact form for help locating that perfect pair of kids, men’s or women’s figure skates for the best price on the market.