About us


American Athletic Shoes Company is a family owned business that is committed to delivering premium ice skate products to all skaters irrespective of their level of expertise – beginner, intermediate or expert. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide premium products at the best possible pricing for skaters of all ages and skill levels.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring comfort and luxurious feel to all skate lovers through our quality products.


Our History

Our History dates back to 1959, the year American Athletic Shoe Company started operation in Ware, MA, a small Mill town of Western Massachusetts.

Since then, American Athletic Shoe Co. have grown to become the leading ice skate supplier not only in Massachusetts but the entire United States; as evidenced by being rated as the number one choice recreational ice skate on top major retail stores for the past three years in a row.

Through the undying passion for skating as a sport and for recreation, the family-owned business was relentless in delivering quality services while distributing skating products such as hockey skates, figure skates, rental skates, and inline skates across the U.S.

With over sixty years of existence, American Athletic Shoe Company has grown to become the leading company when it comes to sale and delivery of ice skates. We combine aesthetic design with innovative technology to deliver varieties of skates that meet every customer’s unique taste and need for comfort, luxury, and safety.

In order to serve our numerous customers better, we embraced the digital age, and we have been leveraging the power of the internet in enhancing our brand awareness and extending our products’ reach to broader customers both locally and globally.

At American Athletic Shoe, we believe skating means different things to each individual, to some it’s for fun and recreation, while to others it is strictly for competition. Irrespective of your intention, our skates are made to withstand pressure and outdoor weather conditions, giving the user that elegant look and unfathomable feel of accomplishment.

Athletic American Shoe Co. is a one-stop online store for all kinds of ice skates. We offer a wide range of skate products at a highly competitive price, from figure skates hockey skates, rental ice skates, women ice skates, skates for kids, and even inline skates.

As a company that is continually evolving, we always define means to meet our customers unique needs, as such, we are always at the forefront of innovations and trend in the athletic shoe industry, and this has been the primary reason our prices and service delivery are matchless anywhere in the world.

With highly-qualified employees boasting a combined experience of over a century, we understand that satisfying customer needs is our core reason for existence, and we do not stop at anything to achieve this great feat. We are customer-oriented, and as passionate skate lovers, we do not manufacture, and neither do we recommend products that we can’t use ourselves.

All our products are standard, made from cutting-edge materials offering stylish designs that guarantee durability, and are fully certified by the authority and confirmed to be perfect for all recreational and professional purposes.

From our years of experience, we have discovered that our customer so much values their convenience and time, thus, we have invested in developing a user and mobile friendly online store that makes shopping a seamless process and offers our customer perfect shopping experience on any devices.

Our shipping prices are highly affordable, extremely fast, and we deliver nationwide.


Why Us

Choosing the best skate product seller can present a lot of challenges. At American Athletic Shoe, we have positioned ourselves to be the first choice when it comes to deciding on where to buy skate products. This is not only because we are one of the companies with exceptional longevity, but also because of our quality brands and outstanding services that are incredibly affordable. Here are some of our competitive advantages;

·      Longevity

Just like old wine, we become better with age. With six decades of delivering quality products all over the United States, we are much more relevant in the industry with many new entrants looking up to us, thanks to thousands of satisfied customers with positive ratings.

·      Ridiculously Affordable Prices

We understand that money can prevent you from fully enjoying your passion for skating, as such; we offer unbeatable low prices on our products without sacrificing the quality. A check on our shop will leave you marveling on how affordable our products can be.

·      Durability

When it comes to offering the best value for money, American Athletic Shoe sits at the top spot. All our ice skates are made from cutting-edge materials sourced from the best areas around the world.

·      Stylish Designs

Skates are not all about the material; we also pay attention to the aesthetics of our skating products. They are all made using chic designs that set the customers apart from the crowd. Our designs are made to match the taste of individual customers.

·      Customer-centric Approach

At American Athletic Shoe Co., we understand that customers are the soul of our business. Thus, we treat every customer with courtesy and a great deal of professionalism taking into consideration their unique needs.

·      Seamless Shopping Experience

To make shopping become an unforgettable experience, we are focused on ensuring that all our customers enjoy their shopping experience. In addition to a secure payment platform, our website offers a friendly shopping experience for our customers regardless of their devices. Also, our shipping is one of the fastest and most affordable in the world. We prioritize your convenience, and that is why we embrace the doorstep delivery service.

At American Athletic Shoes Co., we adopt family style in relating with our customers, to us they are more than mere buyers as we view them as part of our big family. Thus we can never get tired of speaking with them about how we can meet their needs through our great offers.


We hope you enjoy our products!