Hockey Skates

American Athletic Shoe Co. is your one-stop shop for the most reliable, comfortable and affordable ice hockey skates on the market. We’re a trusted name in the hockey industry, and our skates can be found at many of the most iconic rinks around the world. When purchasing your hockey skates here, you know you’re receiving top-quality skates, superior customer service and lower prices.

Whether you’re looking forward to playing your first pond hockey game or are competing for a championship, American Athletic Shoe Co. offers a skate that’s perfect for your skill level, aspirations and budget.


Skates of All Sizes

Hockey skates are not a one-size-fits-all item. Sizes range from those ideal for the smallest toddlers to skates designed for advanced adult athletes. The following are the top-quality ice hockey skates you can purchase from us:

  • American Little Rocket Adjustable Double Runner: This is an ultra-affordable skate that fits as small as a youth size 6 shoe. It’s easily adjustable with straps over the shoe to make introducing your little one to ice hockey easier than ever before.
  • Boy’s Cougar Adjustable Hard Shell Skate: This hard shell skate provides thick padding for warmth and comfort and is adjustable to four sizes to suit growing kids. The hockey skate blade makes this the ultimate entry-level skate for boys with a shoe size between 6J and 8.
  • Party Girl Adjustable Hard Shell Skate: This skate offers the same features as the Boy’s Cougar Adjustable Hard Shell Skate, but it is white in color with pink accents.
  • Boy’s American Ice Force: This top-rated skate is constructed with moisture-resistant CambrelleTM lining, a lightweight reinforced outer leather liner, a cut-resistant box toe, and a performance-edge carbon steel blade among other features.
  • Cougar Softboot Hockey Skate: The lightweight Cougar Softboot features a steel runner hockey blade, speed-lacing loop system with power strap, and thick padding for warmth and comfort. It’s an ideal ice hockey skate for young athletes or adults with a shoe size between 3 and 13.


The Hockey Skate Difference

Men’s and women’s hockey skates are not the same as figure skates, and figure skates should not be used for playing ice hockey. Hockey skates feature a shorter blade that is more steeply curved. The more rigid boot and unique blade is designed to provide support, help gain speed, stop abruptly and turn sharply.

The Importance of Quality

Purchasing top-quality men’s hockey skates or women’s hockey skates can be the difference between comfort and discomfort or safety and injury. Higher-end skates are made with more durable materials and tend to provide extra protection. They are constructed to be stiffer for more ankle support but with soft padding for warmth and comfort.

There are so many hockey skates on the market that it can be difficult to decide which pair is perfect for you or your young athlete. Fill out our contact form for help finding the ideal pair of kid’s, men’s or women’s hockey skates for the best price available.