American White Ice figure skate

Best Figure Skate under $100 for Competition

When competing in figure skating it is difficult to find a quality pair of skates that will support you during advanced moves which are also affordable. This is particularly true with beginner skaters who are still trying to figure out if they even like skating before they go out and spend $800 on a pair of figure skates. American Athletic Company has answered these questions with the release of their new WHITE ICE figure skate.

The American White Ice Figure Skate is the first affordable option for competitive figure skaters. There is a customized injection mold in the sidewall of the figure skate boot. This gives the skater firm lateral support to stay balanced during impact. The all white PVC on the all white mesh gives the skate an athletic appeal with an essence of elegance glittered from the silver plate and speckled laces.

The two color outsole is engineered to be light in weight and supportive on impact. This allows for the skater to jump higher and land smoother. The figure skate blade is featuring the American Liberty stainless steel blade. This is a premium 4.00mm stainless steel blade with a standard cut toe pick. The toe pick is at an ideal angle for beginners.

These features are ideal for skaters starting out in competition or for students already in competition looking for an affordable option. These figure skates can be used indoors and outdoors which is nice because not everyone has a rink close by. If you are a pond skater these will work just fine!

 Having the option to buy an ice skate at this quality for such a low price is a game changer. This will allow more people to try and advance their skating skills without having to break the bank. There is no heat molding or customization necessary. They will fit to your feet right out of the box. The inner liner is lined to give you comfort and make you feel secure. This is a main reason why people love these skates so much is because they are very low maintenance, very supportive and durable, and of course affordable so, if anything happens to them its not the end of the world.

I would highly recommend these skates if you’re a beginner skater looking for a quality skate where you can really grow and develop your skills in until your ready for that next big jump.

Find out more about all of our ice skates by checking out their respective profiles at our figure skate product page and hockey product page. To stay up to date with the most recent developments American Athletic Co. is making, be sure to connect with us on InstagramFacebook, Twitter, and Pintrest!

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