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Men’s and Women’s Hockey Skates: We stock a variety of men’s, women’s, boys’ and girls’ hockey skates to suit everyone from complete beginners to competitive players. From adjustable skates that will grow with your little ones as they advance their skills to the Cougar Softboot Hockey Skate, we offer hockey skates for players of all levels.

Figure Skates: American Athletic Shoe Co. is the No. 1 place to find figure skates to suit your skill level, interest and personality. From our standard Girl’s American Leather Lined Figure Skate and classic Men’s Tricot Lined Figure Skate to the stylish Women’s American Soft Boot Cheetah Figure Skate, we have what you need to feel confident and perform your best on the ice.

Rental Skates: At American Athletic Shoe Co., we make it easy for rink owners to offer well-made rental skates at affordable prices. All of our rental skates are designed to be comfortable, durable and easily maintained, so you can stop stressing about skates and focus on your passion (and profits).

Rollerblades: Ice skating season isn’t year-round for everyone, and that’s why we offer a selection of outstanding in-line skates as well. Stay in shape and enjoy the outdoors with our stylish selection of rollerblades.

Outstanding products, unbeatable pricing and unrivaled customer service are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy when shopping with us.


We are a passionate and driven business. Always innovating, always improving. Working one-on-one with our manufactures to guarantee the Award-Winning quality of our skates.


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