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There are many questions that arise when trying to pick out the right outfit when going ice skating, especially if your trying to impress someone. First thought is how do I stay warm, look like I know what I’m doing and still be stylish all at the same time? If you asked me that question 10…even 5 years ago, my answer would be: “impossible”. The only skates available then were plain white figure skates that were more boring than the morning paper and bulky ski socks to keep my toes from freezing… awesome, that goes perfect with my outfit.  Luckily...

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When competing in figure skating it is difficult to find a quality pair of skates that will support you during advanced moves which are also affordable. This is particularly true with beginner skaters who are still trying to figure out if they even like skating before they go out and spend $800 on a pair of figure skates. American Athletic Company has answered these questions with the release of their new WHITE ICE figure skate. The American White Ice Figure Skate is the first affordable option for competitive figure skaters. There is a customized injection mold in the sidewall of...

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