848 SoftRent Hockey Skate

Recent Upgrades Include:
  • Copper rivets
  • Added heel bumper to protect the boot from excessive pressure
  • Upgraded chemical sheets to make the sidewalls of the boot stiffer. This elongates the life of the boot.
  • Added composite mold in the heel of the boot to give the chemical sheet extra support. This protects against misuse of skates and from skaters who do not tie their skates tight enough and end up bending the sidewall of the skate.



  • Anti-bacterial chrome leather lining for easy maintenance, durability, water repellent and support
  • Extra padded inner-liner for a comfortable fit right out of the box
  • Composite ankle stabilization mold
  • Double glued chemical sheet
  • Industrial grade lace hooks
  • Nylon blade holder and toe box
  • Copper rivets
  • Heel bumper– added layer of protection for the heel
  • Stainless Steel 4.00mm hockey skate blades


Style: 848 SoftRent Hockey Skate
U.S. Sizes: 10 Youth-13 adult
EUR Sizes: 27-47



Rental Hockey Skates

Here at American Athletic we have developed the new SoftRent rental ice skate series not only to benefit rink owners but also for their customers, the skaters.

First at hand, we wanted to make sure to stay true to the original SoftRent rental skate series which were built for extreme comfort. Additionally, we wanted to improve upon the makeup of the ice skate for the benefit of rink owners. Durability and comfort became our top priorities.

We developed a customized PVC injection mold in the ankle area of the boot. This makes the sidewalls more durable and gives the skater extra lateral support. In the case of a beginner skater who typically bends their ankles while skating, this will give them more ankle support to help them stand up straight to skate forward. When beginner ice skaters skate bending their ankles without extra support they will break down the sidewall of the skate. Overtime these skates become unusable. The goal of this injection mold is to elongate the life of the ankle and sidewall area. 

Additionally, on the hockey skate we have added a bumper on the heel of the hockey skate to protect the skate while being taken off by kicking the heel down on the floor.

All of our rental skates are equipped with the top of the line 4.00mm stainless steel blades with nylon bladeholders


The American Athletic Shoe Co. Difference

A quality rental skate can be the difference between having skaters return or not to your facility.  Top-quality and comfortable skates that are more durable and made with craftsmanship allows you to outperform your competition. They can endure season after season if cared for properly.


Let Us Help

Choosing the best rental skates can be intimidating. At American Athletic Shoe Co., we offer rental ice skates for sale in all sizes, ranging from kids skates as small as a size 10J to adult size 13. We’re experts in helping customers find the ideal pair of skates for their indoor and or outdoor ice rinks. Create an account for pricing and easy online ordering or fill out our contact form for help locating that perfect pair of rental ice skates for the best price on the market.