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PS100 SPARX Commercial Ice Skate Sharpener

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Designed for commercial use, the low capital costs combined with a user-friendly design make the PS100 the perfect skate sharpening solution for high level teams, indoor and outdoor ice rinks, synthetic ice rinks and retailers.

The PS100 has all the benefits of the ES100, plus we added in hollow specific cross grind capabilities and an external vacuum system which allows us to handle the steel dust created by high volume operations and cross grinding. Exclusive to Sparx, the hollow specific cross grind simultaneously cuts a hollow into the blade while it removes damage and imperfections. This is ideal for cutting the first hollow in new skates/steel or repairing heavy damage to the edges. Save time, labor and material costs with hollow specific cross grinding.

Additional sharpener benefits: It takes about 5 minutes to sharpen a pair of skates. Quickly switch between skates (player and goalie) and hollows without alignment adjustment. Choose from more than 16 hollow options and change them out in seconds. Increase your productivity by multi-tasking while you sharpen. Travel teams can add the carrying case and can take the PS100 on the road and be set up in minutes and get the same skate sharpening feel as you get at home. Last but not least, the PS100 is consistent, accurate, clean and safe!

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