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The Best Ice Skates for Beginners

Here at American Athletic Shoe Company our goal is to not only provide great products but to help grow the love and passion for ice skating around the world. We feel that educating the public on relevant topics will help improve their overall experience ice skating.


In this article we will discuss our top products for beginners. Many times we will get an array of feedback from first-time-skaters. The goal of this article is to help you know which skate is best for you.



Top Ice Skates for Adult First-Time-Skaters



#1 American Cougar Hockey Skate

The #1 ice skate for beginning skaters is the American Athletic Cougar Softboot Hockey Skate. When first learning to ice skate you are constantly focusing on balancing yourself and moving forward at a comfortable pace. This can be hard on your ankles and cold on your feet. The American Cougar skates have extra thick foam padding making the skate extremely comfortable with great support, allowing skaters to enjoy themselves and want to stay on the ice longer. The boot is very stable and has extra ankle support by the additional Power-Strap. The American Athletic Cougar skate is a top notch product and I can't say there is a better hockey skate out there for beginner to intermediate skaters, or advanced skaters who skate for recreation.



#2 American Tricot Line Figure Skate

The Tricot Lined Figure Skate is our top figure skate for beginners. The Tricot Lined Ice Skate features extensive padding, as well as a convenient and easy-to-clean PVC boot. This makes the ice skate boot extremely comfortable, users say these skates are incredibly comfortable from the moment you open the box, no painful break-in period necessary. That alone makes them great for a beginner, or someone who isn’t a frequent skater. We would also recommend these ice skates for beginning to intermediate levels. Recently, the Women’s Tricot Lined Figure Skate has been featured on 2017 Top Figure Skate articles. We are excited about the nominations and happy to see we are making a strong impact on the community.


#3 American Glider Soft-boot Figure Skate

Last but certainly not least, the American Glider Soft-boot Figure Skate is a top skate that we would recommend for beginner ice skaters. This figure skate boot is implemented with an Easy Lace System with reinforced lace loops. This makes it easier and much quicker to lace and unlace. Many first time ice skaters will not tie their skates tight enough which will cause the inside of the skate to collapse creating a lot of ankle pain. The Easy Lace System ensures your stability and comfort. This figure skate is also made with a foam padding interior to guarantee comfort. We would also recommend these ice skates for beginning to intermediate levels.



Find more about our ice skates by checking out their respective profiles at our figure skate product page and hockey product page. To stay up to date with the most recent developments American Athletic Co. is making, be sure to connect with us on Instagram,Facebook, Twitter, and Pintrest!





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