More About Our Bestseller: The American Classic Figure Skate

More About Our Bestseller: The American Classic Figure Skate

The most elegant recreational skate on the market today proves to be the internets top seller once again. From design to skate construction this figure skate has perfected each aspect.

 The night-black outsole compliments the colors of the classic white skate boot and golden AMERICAN logo. You can easily pair these ice skates with any winter style. Whether your new to skating or skating laps around the novices, these American Classic Figure Skates will keep you looking stunning.

 american tricot lined figure skate


These figure skates are perfectly engineered for the beginner skater. We get many questions from our customers in regards to which boot firmness is correct for them. From years of experience, we have found the perfect stiffness for our beginner figure skate. It is not too stiff leaving beginner skaters with harsh blisters and it is not too soft which leave skaters ankles dragging on the ice. The American Classic Figure Skate gives the right amount of flexibility while keeping you upright and moving in the right direction.


We have added an extra foam layer for added comfort allowing you to use it right out of the box. No more break-in period needed; you can ice skate for hours-on-end from the second they come out of the box. The inner liner is a breathable tricot material, allowing your feet to stay dry and sweat free.


The American Classic Figure Skate has proven itself to earn the accolades it receives year after year. We promise our American Skaters, we will not stop there. We continue to innovate and improve each material used to benefit our skaters while keeping it one of the most competitively priced skates on the market. Our goal is to have ice skating available to everyone who wants to try skating and the American Classic Figure Skate does just that. To enjoy your skate the fullest visit for products and all ice skating information.

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