Ice Skate Fashion 101: Cheetah

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Ice Skate Fashion 101: Cheetah

There are many questions that arise when trying to pick out the right outfit when going ice skating, especially if your trying to impress someone. First thought is how do I stay warm, look like I know what I’m doing and still be stylish all at the same time? If you asked me that question 10…even 5 years ago, my answer would be: “impossible”. The only skates available then were plain white figure skates that were more boring than the morning paper and bulky ski socks to keep my toes from freezing… awesome, that goes perfect with my outfit.

 Luckily its 2019 and we have evolved a little bit.. or at least some of us have.

 American Athletic is the fashion icon of the figure skating industry, introducing new creative designer skates year after year.

 In 2019 they released one of the hottest skates to hit the market to date. The American Cheetah figure skate. Its curvy yet sharp physique takes the form of a cheetah paw about to pounce. The gold lettering and cheetah print pop off the crisp black overlay. Accompanied by the sleek two color stiletto heel outsole, this perfect combination of elegance will dazzle those around you.

This figure skate will be the centerpiece of your outfit.


What to wear:

Black! Wear as much black with these as possible, and definitely (if you got it) a tan and or cheetah print accent piece, like a scarf or hat. These skates will pop off the black outfit in an elegant manner, while still showing a hint of your wild side. It’s a classy look where its not very difficult to put an outfit together. Keep it simple. Keep it classy.

Or you could go the other extreme. If your feeling yourself that day and want to get a few catcalls then why not go all cheetah. If you’ve got it, use it.

Just remember, the skate is the center piece, dress around that, stay warm, stay cozy, keep it simple and the skates will do the rest.


P.S. these skates are made with extra padding on the inside to keep you warm and comfortable so you can pose for pictures all day. 


Find out more about all of our ice skates by checking out their respective profiles at our figure skate product page and hockey product page. To stay up to date with the most recent developments American Athletic Co. is making, be sure to connect with us on InstagramFacebook, Twitter, and Pintrest!