Rental Skates

Looking for a company to provide you with ice skate rental options? American Athletic Shoe Co. offers a variety of top-quality rental skates at prices that can’t be beat. Through cutting-edge design and technology, American Athletic Shoe Co. manufactures durable skates that deliver luxurious comfort for renters and higher profits for rink owners.

While other companies may offer skate rental options, as a family-owned business, we’re committed to providing outstanding rental skates to rinks of all sizes. Quality skates provide skaters with comfort, stability and safety on the ice. They are so durable they can be rented to customers over and over without enduring wear and tear, providing rink owners with repeated profits from a single purchase. Our goal is to create rental skates that are great for skaters and even better for rink owners.

Skates for Every Type of Renter

People of all shapes, sizes and skill levels will come to your rink in search of rental figure skates and rental hockey skates. Purchase your rental skates from American Athletic Shoe Co., and you’ll be prepared for every customer request. The following are a few of the top-quality rental skates for sale we provide.

  • 826 American SoftRent Figure Skate: Our new SoftRent figure skate is the premier rental skate with the newest technologies. Featuring a PVC injection mold to stabilize the ankle, with more lateral support the longevity of use increases Additionally, it has a customized one-piece outsole that protects the heel of the skate.
  • 848 American SoftRent Hockey Skate: This new addition to the SoftRent series is completely upgraded heal to toe. With a nylon toe box and customized heel bumper, the boot is fully protected from rips, cracks and tears. We have installed copper rivets to ensure durability and added a PVC injection mold to stabilize the heel of the boot.
  • American Classic Rentskate Figure Skate: This ultra-durable figure skate is constructed with our new, lighter AMERILITE formula coated on a leather base for more resistance and a much longer life. The full leather lining with neoprene padding and thermoshaped tongue make the skate more comfortable than the competition. Best of all, the soles, tongues, hooks and keepers can be easily removed and replaced for more simplified and cost-effective care.
  • 826A American Softrent Figure Skate: This figure skate features an anti-bacterial chrome leather lining, multi-point foam padding, double stitching, double gluing, a stainless steel blade and a long list of features that make it one of the most comfortable, durable and easy-to-maintain rental skates for sale.
  • 848A American Softrent Hockey Skate: Our American Softrent Hockey Skate features a stainless steel hockey blade, strong metal speed hooks and keepers for faster lacing, multi-point foam padding, water repellency and an anti-bacterial chrome leather lining for easy maintenance.

Our rental ice skates for sale are available in a variety of sizes to suit kids and adults of all ages. Your customers will be wowed by the comfort, warmth and stability of the skates and you’ll love the simple maintenance and long-lasting construction.

Shop With Us

At American Athletic Shoe Co., we make renting skates to your customers easier than ever before. All of our rental skates for sale feature the size of the skate and “Rental” stamped on the back of the heel for easy identification and organization.

Since we started operations in 1959, we’ve become the leading ice skate supplier in the United States and the number 1 recreational ice skate in major retail stores for the past three years in a row. Our passion for skating is shown through the unmatched quality and care put into every skate we manufacture. Guaranteed durability, cutting-edge materials, stylish designs and the best prices in the industry are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy when buying your rental skates from us.