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This article is a quick rundown of how to properly tie hockey skates, not figure skates. If you would like to read how to properly tie figure skates click HERE. Tying hockey skates is not as difficult as some may think, however if you want a comfortable fit and want to be able to spend long hours on the ice without your feet blistering, then tying your hockey skates correctly is going to be very important. So let’s get down to it. First you want to make sure the boot isn’t too big or too small. A good way to...

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Here at American Athletic Shoe Company our goal is to not only provide great products but to help grow the love and passion for ice skating around the world. We feel that educating the public on relevant topics will help improve their overall experience ice skating.   In this article we will discuss our top products for beginners. Many times we will get an array of feedback from first-time-skaters. The goal of this article is to help you know which skate is best for you.     Top Ice Skates for Adult First-Time-Skaters     #1 American Cougar Hockey Skate The #1 ice...

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